“Can I Sell My Pension? How Fast?”

Selling your pension is an option that can give you a large, cash-in-hand lump-sum payment fast. With inflation, rising costs, and bills that must be paid, the option to sell your pension may be your best, or only option to generate needed funds quickly.

The requirements are minimal and easy to meet; if you’re receiving as little as $300/month, you can in most cases qualify.

“Can I get a lump-sum pension payout?”

Absolutely! We are one of the only companies that will give you a lump sum pension payment – in as little as two weeks! Not only will we give you a lump-sum cash payment, but after 8 years you’ll continue to receive your regular payments again!

“If I sell my pension, do I have to pay the money back?”

The answer is no, you do not have to make any repayments. We make arrangements to “purchase” your “pension future”, so that you get a single large cash payment which you keep. There is no payback.

“How fast can I sell my pension?”

We know you want your money fast; we can often get cash in your hand within as little as 14 days.

Though it’s technically referred to as a defined employment benefit, a retirement pension is a traditional retirement benefit that is provided to employees once they work for an employer for a particular length of time. This is called the “vesting period”, and once it’s reached, the employee will receive a stipend or monthly payment. Typical vesting periods are 20 years, sometimes more.

If you’re short on cash, sell your pension fast; simply fill out the form on the right and it’s as good as having money in your wallet!