Do I Qualify?

Here at we to give you a pension lump-sum, and want to help people who have a real need, emergency, or simply want to get to their hard earned cash quicker than it’s coming. Many of those who work with us wouldn’t qualify for a low APR loan or credit card and and in many cases, this is their only option.

We’ve also realized that by the time some of you get here, you need to sell your pension fast in order to cover an immediate need, be it an emergency or other imminent need. Fortunately, this is the type of situation we can help you with!

The criteria for selling your pension are simple:

  • You must have a pension of over $300/month
  • Aware of the consequences of releasing the money
  • Any age
  • Any pension type
  • Money for any reason
  • 20-70% released depending on pension size
  • Previous or current IVA, DMP, CCJ and Bankruptcy are OK

There is no credit requirements – bad credit, no credit, even bankruptcy won’t stand in the way.

Go ahead and fill out our form, and we can have cash in your hand (or bank account) in as little as two weeks!